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Is your event nearing perfection, but lacking that final spark?
Vikram Singh is your missing link to an unforgettable corporate party.


Captivating audiences across the Greater Sacramento area, the Bay Area and throughout California.

Vetted by Top-Tier Global Corporations

Experience the Magic and Mind Reading Mastery of the Amasingh Magician

Sleight-of-Hand Spectacle

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Sleight-of-Hand Spectacle

Witness magic up close and personal with Vikram Singh’s Sleight-of-Hand Spectacle. Dive into a world where everyday objects become extraordinary, and reality shifts right before your eyes. Vikram effortlessly mingles and floats through the room, ensuring every guest, be it in intimate gatherings or large crowds of hundreds, feels the touch of magic.

Parlor Prestige

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Parlor Prestige

Step back, take a seat, and let Vikram Singh lead you through a thrilling stand-up performance filled with illusions and mind-boggling feats, skillfully crafted for seated audiences. Parlor Prestige is a curated experience that resonates with wonder, laughter, and applause. It’s perfect for intimate gatherings. With Vikram’s artistry, your event becomes one for the books.

Marvelous Medley

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Marvelous Medley

Can’t decide between close-up magic and a formal parlor show? Why not both? With the Marvelous Medley, experience the intimate wonders of close-up magic and the captivating spectacle of a stand-up show. You get the best of both enchanting worlds, ensuring an unforgettable and diverse magical experience for every guest.

Looking to leave your guests in awe?

With Vikram Singh’s spellbinding performances, your event will be the talk of the watercooler or even group chats. Experience magic and mind reading like never before.

Dive into Moments of Awe

Discover a Show Rooted in Sikh Wonder

Unique Perspective

Being different has given Vikram a fresh, engaging
approach to magic. With experiences as a minority,
he brings a depth and richness to his shows that
resonate with audiences of all backgrounds.

Always Learning

‘Sikh’ means ‘student’. Vikram’s always improving,
making every show better than the last. His dedication
to growth means audiences are always in for
something new and even more mesmerizing.

Living the wonder

Sikhs believe that we should live every moment
and every breath in a state of wonder and appreciation
for the divine creation (‘Vaheguru). Inspired by Sikh
values, every show by Vikram is a journey into
awe and appreciation.

One-of-a-Kind Act

Bet you’ve never seen a Sikh magician before. Vikram’s
act is genuinely unique. It’s a blend of cultural pride
and pure entertainment, ensuring guests get an
experience they won’t find elsewhere

Take Part in Vikram Singh’s
Magical Journey

Delving into the world of magic and wonder, Vikram Singh’s journey is studded with impressive milestones.
From countless awe-struck audiences to rave reviews, here’s a glimpse at the impact he’s made over the years:

Events Enchanted

Stellar 5-star Reviews

Years of Refined Magic

Eyes Captivated

Experience Vikram Singh in Action

Be transported to a world where boundaries blur and your beliefs are challenged. This reel is about the
wonder, awe, and amazement you’ll feel. Dive in and let the magic take you.

Spellbound Spectators Speak Out

Delve into their firsthand experiences of Vikram Singh’s magical realm.

Visualize a gathering where the buzz of conversation suddenly hushes, where every attendee is transfixed, captivated by the unfolding magic.

With Vikram Singh as your entertainer, boundaries blur between reality and illusion. Whispers of awe, shared laughter, and spontaneous applause become the soundtrack of your event.

It’s not just about entertainment; it’s about crafting moments that linger in memories. Elevate your occasion—choose a magical experience that resonates long after the final bow. Imagine the possibilities!

Real Reactions from Real Audiences

Witness unfiltered emotions of those who’ve experienced Vikram Singh’s magic firsthand. Watch, listen,
and feel the enchantment resonate through their stories.

Company Party Testimonial

Close-up magic Testimonial

Corporate Event TESTIMONIAL

You are the Star of Every Magical Act

Imagine an event where the magic isn’t just in the tricks, but in the shared glances, the collective gasps, and the echoed laughter. This is the world Amasingh crafts, and you’re at the center of it.

From the joyous reactions of his second-grade peers to the applause of diverse audiences today, Amasingh’s journey in magic has always been about one thing – his audience.

It’s the toddler’s giddy laugh at a birthday party, the nostalgic smiles of seniors at retirement homes, and the exhilarated cheers from corporate gatherings that fuel his performances.

His affable nature and keen sense of humor aren’t just for show; they’re tools to connect with, ensuring everyone from the front row to the back feels involved and valued.

More than the delightful tricks and celebrated accolades – including his role as president of the IBM Ring 192 in Sacramento – it’s the stories of joy and wonder he’s woven into countless events that truly define him.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Discover what other guests have felt, witnessed, and celebrated. Or better yet, reach out and see how Amasingh can make your event – and your guests – the true highlight of his next magical performance.

Hear the Magic from Amasingh
Magician’s audience

From the First Magic Trick to Stellar Stage Shows

It all began in a kindergarten class where a young Vikram was chosen as a volunteer for a magic act.

The magician, with a flourish, made a silk cloth vanish from her hand, only to make it reappear moments later. This simple act of wonder ignited a passion in Vikram. Amazed and driven by curiosity, he yearned to replicate that moment of astonishment.

Gifted with a magic kit on his birthday, Vikram’s journey into the world of enchantment truly began.

He immersed himself in practice, captivating his school friends with tricks and astonishing guests at his family’s gatherings. From performing a mini-show for his fellow second graders to showcasing his talents in a school talent show during sixth grade, Vikram’s magical prowess grew exponentially.

Recognizing his passion and the joy it brought to others, 16-year-old Vikram took the bold step of turning his hobby into a budding profession. He crafted business cards, launched a website, and began to share his magic on a grander scale, ensuring that every audience experienced the same wonder he felt back in kindergarten.

As Vikram’s skills and reputation grew, so did his desire to spread enchantment to every corner, proving that the spark of a single magical moment can lead to a lifetime of wonder.

More “How did that happen?” Reactions from Corporate Clients

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Vikram Singh, a renowned corporate magician, transforms corporate events into realms of astonishment, proving that a moment’s magic can indeed lead to a lifetime of wonder. If you’re in the Greater Sacramento area or its surrounding regions, Vikram is ready to make your event unforgettable.

Got questions? We’re here to help.

How far in advance should I book you, and can you check availability for a specific date?
Book at least a month in advance, and please contact me directly to check on a specific date.
Do you cater to both small and large events, including weddings and birthdays?
Absolutely! Every event, whether intimate or grand, weddings or birthdays, deserves a touch of magic.
Is your performance suitable for all ages, including children?
Yes, my act is crafted to be family-friendly, perfect for audiences of all ages.
What are your performance fees and accepted payment methods?
Starting at $1000, the fee can vary based on event specifics. I accept credit cards, checks, cash, Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle.
Do you travel for events and have performance insurance?

I perform worldwide with applicable travel fees. Rest assured, I'm also insured for all performances.

What space and equipment requirements do you have for your act?
Minimal space is needed. While a stage, microphone, and table are ideal, they aren't mandatory.
How does Vikram's magic and comedy stand out, especially for corporate events?

Vikram uniquely blends cultural, comedic magic with professionalism, ensuring that guests are both entertained and engaged in any corporate setting.

He delves into understanding your event and audience, ensuring his performance feels personalized and perfectly fitted to the occasion.

How does Vikram ensure his show remains a memorable highlight for everyone?
Through interactive performances, Vikram crafts shared experiences that leave guests reminiscing long after the event concludes.